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Keep up to date with our Climate Challenge Fund project through our website and our social media. 

For any questions or queries, email OR, or phone 01475 553570.

On our Climate Challenge Fund page there is a document for you to download and fill out - you can indicate the events that you are interested in, send it back to any of the above addresses, and we will contact you to keep you up to date. 

Dropbox links - resources for older ones and younger ones to keep educated, informed, and active during the COVID19 lockdown.

Let us know what you think of them!

Lockdown and CCF events                                          20th May

We hope you are keeping safe and taking care of yourself as our UK lockdown continues. We have missed seeing everyone around the Hub and in the gardens - but we're lucky we have been able to keep in contact with our CCF participants through the wonderful world of technology! We've had Zoom meetings, Teams meetings, Google name it, we've found someway to get in touch and keep everyone on their toes with regards to environmentalism! Our recipe share replaced our planned Food for Life get together in April. We received low-carbon recipes from familiar faces as well as some new budding chefs, and although we could not see the dishes in person, we're 100% sure they were as delicious as they were carbon-friendly. We also have produced some folders with activities to keep you and the wee ones entertained during lockdown - there's puzzles, experiments, activity sheets, recipes, quizzes, and great ideas that are simple, easy and inexpensive to carry out at home, all of which are geared towards changing our climate change attitudes. These sheets are still available, so get in touch! We've also been hosting our live carbon literacy quizzes, testing your knowledge on carbon emissions and making you reflect on what you could do to reduce that carbon footprint. 

We'll continue to keep you updated on our project as you take care of yourself and your loved ones at home. Email to take part in our live activities and receive our up to date emails. 

March-ing on!                   2nd March 2020

Thanks to all who took part in last month's CCF events! It was another fun month with lots of classes, workshops and visits.

We are now working with a lot more schools around Inverclyde, taking the Climate Challenge Fund to younger participants. We were also at the second Winter Wellness event held by Acumen, and got members of the public involved in planting up simple, easy microgreens! It was great to interact with different organisations throughout Greenock, in recognising the importance of reducing mental health stigma. We were part of the 'Climate Change Plan for Scotland' conference held in Glasgow, where we were able to input our ideas and opinions to representatives from the environmental sector. It was encouraging and inspiring to interact with different groups and individuals who held climate change interests at heart. 

Here are the events (so far!) that are planned for March. Please get involved by signing up via email, phone, or through social media. We must stress that you contact us as soon as you can, when you know that you cannot make the class - we don't want anyone missing out and spaces are limited.

As always, spaces are free and accessible for everyone. We'd love to see you get involved!

Happy new year!                    21st January 2020

We came straight into a busy January after the festive period, but we're finally ready for the newest CCF events! Starting in February, there's plenty of food, growing, and Carbon Literacy to get involved with.

All classes are available to everyone regardess of age and ability. The only exception to this is our Tues 11th 'Cooking with the Wee Ones' class, which is specifically for kids and their parents/carers. Planned for the local school holidays, this will give kids the chance to get involved with the popular cooking classes that us older ones have gotten to enjoy.  

Looking to learn a bit more about global warming, climate change, and environmentalism? 

We are running Carbon Literacy workshops at the Broomhill Hub. Each class will have a different theme related to climate change, and you will learn what the deal is with global warming in a welcoming, relaxed, environment. You can attend a few classes, or you can attend all of them!

You will gain knowledge on the basic science behind global warming, social justice and climate change, and what you can do to recognise and act on climate change.

Carbon Literate people have knowledge and skills that are valuable to society - employers are increasingly realising the importance of hiring people who have an understanding of environmental and social issues, which is so important in a rapidly changing world. 

Carbon literacy classes are for anyone who just wants to know a bit more about climate change, but would be particularly useful for those looking to add something special to their CV, such as students, graduates, and those who have been out of employment for a while. They would also be beneficial for teachers, librarians, social workers and those affiliated with environmental clubs or groups. 

These classes are free to attend. We will run two classes each week (both with the same content).

Want more information? Get in touch! Email, phone the Hub at 01475 553570, pop in to have a chat with us, or get in touch through social media. Our facebook is @BroomhillGardensandCommHub, Twitter is @CCFErin, and Instagram is @BroomhillCCF

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