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We hope to see you all at the second of our climate change themed movie days on Friday 23rd August! We'll be starting the movie at 2.30pm, so feel free to pop in to our main hall from 2 o'clock onwards.

This time we'll be watching Before the Flood. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, this film follows the actor and environmentalist as he visits different parts of the globe to witness the devastating effects of climate change on the communities involved.

So look out your favourite onesie, and grab a hot chocolate from the cafe before getting cosy and settling into our movie afternoon at Broomhill Gardens!

All ages welcome. Please travel to the event responsibly. Pop into the Hub to register for a free ticket, or grab an e-ticket at

Before the Flood - movie day                         23rd August 2019

(c) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Rainbow Salad Shaking                                     22nd August 2019

A huge thanks to everyone who has taken part in our first proper week full of CCF events! We have had our first growing session, food class, and our first carbon literacy project sign up in the last few days.

We had a great time today creating rainbow salads and shakin' them up to create a simple, healthy, delicious meal. Rainbow salads can be prepped to last the week, so are perfect for busy people who don't have time to pack lunches for school or work everyday. They're also useful for an amazing zero-waste picnic, as the jars are robust, leak proof, and reusable.

After shaking our salads to some salsa music, we sat down together for lunch and shared tips and recipes with each other. Part of our discussion involved looking at food miles and weighing up the emissions of certain products, something that reflected the theme of our growing workshop earlier in the week, where we talked about recognising produce that's 'in season' and growing winter veg.

Chasing Coral Movie Day.                            9th August 2019

(c) Chasing Coral Netflix

A huge thank you to everyone who braved the weather to come along to our movie day! We had a great time watching Chasing Coral, which both shocked and amazed us with beautiful imagery of life under the sea and the cruel effects of climate change on our coral reefs. Afterwards, we had a discussion about what we could do to stop contributing to climate change and how the next generation should be educated on this.

We were so happy to have the Energy Activators with us on the day. Mark and Lisa were able to give advice on energy saving measures and reducing the carbon footprint in the home. It was interesting to learn about the advantages of renewable energy, which tied in with the theme of our movie. We also had Catharine from 'Bee Happy' chocolates, who brought along some tasty - ethically and lovingly made - chocolate and showed off some of her stunning artwork. 

Overall, a brilliant day! Hope to see you all at the next showing!


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